Tuesday, December 15, 2009

One day...

Today is Tuesday. Today is a semester test day. Today i am stressed! Entering in to semester test week, i didn't think that the stress was really going to be a problem. However, to my surprise, it is! From physics to dual credit pre-calculus, and from English III to dual credit American history, the stress is piling on. I have three more days of school this week, and i have 6 more tests to go...will Christmas break ever come? I have been asking myself this question for the past few weeks, and it is all the more prevalent this week! Hopefully Friday will come sooner than i know, and i will be able to relax, eat some fondue, wrap the last few presents, and reflect on a job well done. One day tests will be over. One day there will be light at the end of this agonizing tunnel. One day Christmas will come!

One day there will be no more stress!

-Alex Kate

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