Friday, September 16, 2011

Long Days and Fun Nights

    College is now in full swing. Is it weird that I still call it "college" and not just school? Classes and studying are filling up my schedule. Howdy TECHsans was such a fun experience. I met so many new people, who I now have in some of my classes. The dorm life has turned out to be great! I love my roommate, and we have become great friends with the girls across the hall from us. When classes started, so did the MANY organizations here at Tech. The only intimidating factor was looking through the over 400, and then choosing what you wanted to be a part of. I am currently pledging Sigma Phi Lambda, a Christian sorority, and I absolutely love it. The group of amazing girls after God's own heart is a great blessing to me here at Tech. I cannot even begin to imagine what the Lord is going to teach me and do through me and other people this year in Phi Lamb.
    There is so much that has been going on since I last updated. I could never tell you all every single moment from the past month. From studying and classes to chapter meetings, engineering kick off, and barn dances, my schedule is jam packed.
    Thank you all for the prayers and support that you are lifting up and have for me as I have embarked on this new journey. They are needed, and very much appreciated.

Another day to study, and another night to have fun.

-Alex Kate

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