Saturday, June 8, 2013

Obedience is the Center of His Will


I have started my journey in Oaxaca. We arrived here Thursday, and we are all in love with the people, colors, culture, and city!

Let´s rewind just a little bit. Before we even set foot on the airplane, there were many hours of preparation that took place in Alabama. This past week has we were bombarded with tons of information, but it was so rewarding and challenging. One of my favorite things that we talked about at orientation has got to be: Going does not make you effective. Staying does not make you effective. Obedience make you effective. We who go to the nations are not any more spiritual or any better than the ones who stay, just because we go. It is incredibly important to listen to the Lord, by the power of the Holy Spirit, and heed his calling or command. We are to be in the center of His will in all that we do, and to be obedient to His command.

In Luke 9:57-62, Jesus calls three different people to come and follow Him. However, each time the people make up some excuse as to why they are not ready to follow in obedience to what He is calling them to do. I urge you to tune your ear to the calling that God has for you. When He speaks, go and do as He is asking you. When you are in His will, He is faithful to carry out the work He began in and through you.

Thank you all for your prayers as God is taking me on this journey. I am encouraged by you, and I am so glad that you are going on this journey along side me.

- continued growth together as a team
- comfort zones to be shattered
- that God continues to go before us and prepare hearts
- that we will sieze every opportunity He places in our path
- language
- confidence and boldness in sharing the gospel
- comfort and peace in knowing that He fills every area in which we feel inadquate

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