Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Transformation in Trials

Whew! This past week went by so fast, and I am just now finding a breath to post.

We had a team here from North Carolina. They did a sports camp in one of the villages we are working in. They were such a blessing, because they helped open so many doors for us. We had way over 100 children at the sports camp, and got to meet people who live in the villages we are in. God opened up so many potential opportunities for us to carry on this summer.

At our end of the week meeting, we went over Acts 17. There were two things that stuck out to me that I would like to share with you all: 1. we must contextualize the gospel, and 2. we should not be surprised when we face trials.
First, it is incredibly important to learn about the people and their cultural values. Then, use the things that you learn about them to lead into and relate the gospel. Paul does just this in Acts 17.
Secondly, trials will come if we are being effective. The people are fine and welcoming and open, until change begins to occur. When hearts begin to change and people begin to act different, others begin to fear and persecute those who cause change. At this time, when struggles are invading, this is when we must get on our face before God, and go through the struggle with Him. If we kneel before and cling to Him, He is faithful to bring us out stronger that ever before.

Going into this week, we are ready to dig deep with the relationships we have begun. We are ready and open for God to use us in ways that we cannot fathom.

- relationships from sports camp to grow
- strength when trials come
- openness and boldness to share the gospel
- encouragement for my village team to know that we are being effective

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