Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Wrap Up

So, with all of the craziness of coming back to the States and school starting, I have not had time to blog or breathe for that matter. So, I am finally sitting down to catch up on what we have missed since the last update.

Well, Mexico had a very exciting end. Due to a health related issue, I flew back home a week early to go to doctor's appointments, and to be close to health care here in the states. Unfortunately, this meant that I missed the end of my trip as well as debrief in Alabama. It was tough just being thrown back into normal life. It was hard to process everything that had happened this summer, and to process all that the Lord had taught me. It was hard for everything to just come to a screeching halt and be over. However, the Lord is always faithful to walk with us, and this is just what He did.
Slowly but surely, the Lord helped me process all that I had been through this summer. He helped me realize and remember all that He had taught me, and helped me figure out ways to communicate and tell others all about what He took me through on this journey.
As I reflected, I could not be anymore thankful for the trip He took me on. He showed me so much about the power of prayer, and about patience in His timing. There were many days this summer that the Lord stretched my faith. He pushed me into a corner so that I had no other option than to call on His name. Wow! Prayer has always been an area of struggle for me. Don't get me wrong, prayer totally works, and I did pray before. But I never realized the true power that prayer has and the importance of this awesome gift. The Lord showed me that when we were hitting that brick wall, I needed to pray.
Through prayer, God taught me patience. I like for things to happen, and I am a planner. So, I struggle with wanting things to happen in my timing. God brought me to my knees this summer, and showed me that my timing is never the best. Sometimes were tough this summer, and it was hard to see where His plan was taking us. However, we were faithful in prayer, and He revealed to us what the plan was when He was ready to do so.
These two things are the major things that I took back from this summer.

Soon after I came back, it was time for school to start again. Just as always, nothing too exciting has gone on. However, the struggles of coming back into normal life hit me once again. When school began, so did the distractions. The homework piled on, the relationships demanded more time, and there is never enough time to get enough sleep. So, I let these things take over the time that was set aside for the Lord this summer. Wow, how much of a difference that made. Stress grew, exhaustion hit, and life just piles on the struggles. However, looking back at this summer, I knew what I was missing. I was missing that intentionality with the Lord, and the time in prayer with Him.
So, I encourage you all:
If you are finding yourself in a place where it is hard to keep going. The stress is there, you are tired, you are worn. Look to the Lord. Set aside time for Him, and let Him speak to you. Let Him show you His glory. Let Him renew and refresh you. Go to Him and be still. Rest.

Thank you all so much for the prayers that you sent up on my behalf this summer. Thank you for your faithfulness in the Lord, and in His work. It doesn't stop here. Please continue to pray:
- for my teammates as they are back in normal life
- for the people we reached out to this summer
- for the churches that we worked in to be strengthened and encouraged to go out into their own communities
- for the translation of the bible into zapotec to continue and be fruitful
- for the new ESL class started in my village to be a window for the Gospel
- for distractions to not lead us all astray
- for the new Hands-On girls that are currently in Oaxaca serving
- for the church to be revived, and more people to answer the call to go to the nations until the whole world hears
- for all Christians to be armed with and to share the gospel everyday

-- Alex Kate

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